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Aqua One Betta
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The Betta Collection

Create a Betta world with these stylish little tanks purpose designed to accommodate Bettas or water creatures with similar requirements such as Shrimp or Dwarf Guarami. As long as the water parameters and temperature requirements are compatible you can keep up to 3 different species separately in the Trio. Design the aquascape differently in each compartment and enjoy the scenery of up to 3 different aqua worlds in one tank.
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Chiltern Aquatics: Telephone - 01525 875520

  • Duo - 20L
  • Tank dimensions: 25cm x 35cm x 25cm
  • Trio - 32L
  • Tank dimensions: 25cm x 55cm x 25cm
  • As well as for Bettas these tanks are perfect for Shrimp, Tetras, Dwarf Guarami and many more as long as the water parameters and temperature requirements are compatible.
Aqua One Duo Betta
Aqua One Trio Betta
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The Aquience aquarium range – Aqua One Aquience 1200R 300 Litres

The Aquience in essence epitomises all that is Aqua One, with its modern stylish looks coupled with the bold and dynamic trim around the tank & cabinet, this is an aquarium that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Brushed matt black alloy with classic oak inserts ensures the quality of the construction and materials is not only on the inside, stunning looks also come as standard.
  • Aquience 1200R - 300L
  • Tank dimensions: 45cm x 120cm x 66cm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 45cm x 120cm x 74cm
  • Coming supplied as standard with T5 lighting, our premium canister filters and a glass heater, I am sure you will agree it is the perfect fit for any room in any home.
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The EuroStyle aquarium range – Delivering large screen aquatics to your living room

EuroStyle aquariums offer exceptional design as well as an extraordinary view of your personal underwater world.

The excellent height of all EuroStyle aquaria delivers large screen aquatics to your living room.

The completely revamped cabinet of the EuroStyle Rectangular is now perfectly in sync with current furniture trends. It’s chunky with square lines in the fashionable colour choices of oak and black.
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Chiltern Aquatics: Telephone - 01525 875520

  • EuroStyle 80 - 180L
  • Tank dimensions: 42cm x 80cm x 64cm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 42cm x 80cm x 76cm
  • EuroStyle 120 - 300L
  • Tank dimensions: 45cm x 120cm x 64cm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 45cm x 120cm x 76cm
  • All aquaria are delivered with T5 lighting, Aqua One external filtration as well as heaters to ensure excellent water conditions and successful fish keeping.
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AquaStyle, its all in the name...

AquaStyle aquariums combine visual appeal, build quality and one of the most effecient filtration systems available.

The trickle top filter provides great water quality and total ease of maintenance. To change your filter media will hardly get your hands wet.

To keep the range looking fresh, we have now given the cabinet a more contemporary look and updated the colours to Oak and Black Ash. Aquariums available in Black and Graphite.
The larger 850 model of the AquaStyle range feature, just like their smaller relatives, rounded front glass corners avoiding the need for unsightly silicone lines.

The proven, highly effective trickle top filtration system is hidden inside the hood of the aquarium, making the available space in the aquarium larger and less cluttered with technology.
Access to the filter is fabulously easy through removable lids in the hood

Stunning redesigned Oak and Black cabinets are giving this popular aquarium range a fresh, up-to-date look and make them fit in perfectly with
the latest furniture styles in people’s homes.
  • AquaStyle 620 - 90L
  • Tank dimensions: 39cm x 62cm x 52cm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 39cm x 62cm x 72cm
  • AquaNano 620T - 130L
  • Tank dimensions: 39cm x 62cm x 72cm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 39cm x 62cm x 72cm
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  • AquaNano 850 - 165L
  • Tank dimensions: 44cm x 84cm x 58cm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 44cm x 84cm x 72cm
  • The built in light unit features 3 x T8 light tubes with multiple switch technology to allow precise control. Different coloured light tubes can be combined and operated individually according to the specific requirements of the tank.
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Chiltern Aquatics: Telephone - 01525 875520

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Chiltern Aquatics: Telephone - 01525 875520

The available choice of colours follows current trends with black and graphite and the cabinet with its chunky design and push lock doors in oak or ash black fits perfectly in today’s homes.

AquaStart 600 and 900

We all know and love the AquaStart 320 and AquaStart 500. Those stylish little bow fronts have been absolute bestsellers for years.

So, now we’ve added the AquaStart 600 (image below) to cater for possibly the most common small aquarium size of 60 cm width.
The AquaStart 900, the largest version of the popular and proven AquaStart range combines style, space and functionality and offers exceptional value for money for a bow front aquarium. It comes complete with internal filter and 2x 36w compact PL lighting. Like with its smaller relatives, the light unit of the AquaStart 900 is built into the hood and the hood is hinged for easy access. The chunky cabinet in ash black or oak compliments the modern look of the set up.
  • AquaStart 600 - 80L
  • Tank dimensions: 31cm x 60cm x 54cm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 31cm x 60cm x 76cm
  • AquaStart 900 - 165L
  • Tank dimensions: 40cm x 90cm x 58cm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 40cm x 90cm x 76cm
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  • Proven quality and reliabity come packaged in full colour packaging complete with filter and compact T5 lighting
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AquaSpace - A totally new concept in aquarium design

It’s modern, captivating, elegant looks lend themselves beautifully to any room. With three different sizes and colours to choose it is easy to find a personal favourite.

Complete with a state of the art clip on colour coded LED light, efficient Internal Filter, fish food, water conditioner and integrated stylish black background. We are confident you will agree AquaSpace aquarium will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room.
  • AquaSpace 40 - 30L
  • Tank dimensions: 26cm x 40cm x 36cm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 35cm x 50cm x 73cm
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New EcoStyle Aquariums

Ecostyle from Aqua One is our new stylish affordable aquarium range for todays modern home.

With proven features and design inspiration taken from the ever popular Aquastyle range.

The range covers sizes from 20L up to 127L, all models in the range feature the trickle filtration system, complete with carbon cartridges to ensure superb crystal clear water. This is all housed under the modern curves of the aquarium hood.
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Chiltern Aquatics: Telephone - 01525 875520

  • EcoStyle 47 - 38L
  • Tank dimensions: 29cm x 47cm x 105cm
  • EcoStyle 61 - 70L
  • Tank dimensions: 36cm x 61cm x 99cm
  • Also housed under the aquarium hood is the latest in aquarium LED lighting, with superb lighting output to show the colours of your fish, along with great plant growth, whilst being extremely energy efficient.
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