Chiltern Aquatics - Pond Fish, Pond Plants, Fish Food, Pond Pumps & Filters, Water Features, Pond Liners, Pond & Fish Treatments.

Ponds, Fish, Plants, Equipment, Food.

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Opening Hours:
Mon 9.00am - 5.30pm
Tues 9.00am - 5.30pm
Wed 9.00am - 5.30pm
Thur 9.00am - 6.30pm
Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm
Sat 9.00am - 5.30pm
Sun 10.00am - 4.00pm
Chiltern Aquatics
Bridgeside Nursery,
Westoning Road,
Harlington. Bedfordshire LU5 6PA
Telephone: 01525 875520
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Chiltern Aquatics: Telephone - 01525 875520

Chiltern Aquatics was established over 25 years ago and is now run by Jackie and her team of Marine, Tropical and Freshwater specialists.

Pond Food :

Tetra Pond Food:
Goldfish Mix
Holiday Blocks
Koi Sticks
Multi Mix
Pellets mini
Sterlet Sticks
Variety Sticks
Chiltern Brand Pond Food - Floating:
Light Pond Sticks 1kg, 1.5kg 5kg
Pond Stick Blend 1.5kg, 5kg
Peaches & Cream Stick 1.25kg
Growth Pond Food 4kg, 10kg
Pond Pellet 4kg, 10kg
Winter Wheatgerm 2kg, 4kg, 10kg
Sturgeon Fossil Food

Pond & Water Features :

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Solar Water Features for Pond and Patio
Fibreglass Watercourses
Pre-Formed Ponds Fibreglass & Plastic
Pebble Pools
Pond Feature Pumps with Lights & Fountains
Self Contained Patio Water Features
Decorative Floating Lillies
Pond Misters
Cast Aluminium Herons & Cranes
Plastic Herons
Pond Lights
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Chiltern Aquatics: Telephone - 01525 875520

UV Algae Treament :

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Yamitsu algae master 11 watt
Yamitsu algae master 15 watt
Yamitsu algae master 25 watt
Yamitsu algae master 30 watt
Yamitsu algae master 55 watt
Yamitsu algae master 30 watt twin
Yamitsu algae master 55 watt twin
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Pond Maintenance :

Black Knight Filter Brushes
Jap Matting
Filter Sponges
Flocor Filter Media
Pond Gloves
Pond Hoovers
Pond Waders
UV Lamps
Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are on hand to guide you through setting up and maintaining a happy, healthy pond.
If you have a project in mind or you are experiencing any problems, we have a wide variety of pond equipment, fittings and treatments in store from Tetra, NT Labs, Pondcare, and Blagdon. Our staff are always happy to assist you.
Choosing the right equipment for your pond is a very important part of achieving the best possible end results for both you and your fish.

Pond Fish :

Chiltern Aquatics 2013
Chiltern Aquatics 2013
Chiltern Aquatics 2013
Chiltern Aquatics 2013
Albino Grass Carp
Albino Sturgeon
Blue Orfe
Common Carp
Diamond Sturgeon
Ghost Carp
Golden Orfe
Golden Rudd
Golden Tench
Grass Carp
Green Tench
Koi Carp
Long Fin Koi
Mirror Carp
Ramshorn Snails
Stagnalis Snails

Pond Plants :

Water Lillies
Pygmaea Lillies
Deep Water Plants
Oxygenating Plants in bunches and pots
Floating Plants
Marginal Plants
Aquatic Planting Baskets
Aquatic Soil
Aquatic Plant Food
Hessian Squares
Potting Gravel
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In store we have a wide variety of dry goods, 25 pond vats, and an extensive range of Pond Treatments.

Chiltern Aquatics: Telephone - 01525 875520

Pond Pumps & Pond Filters :

All Pond Solutions:
AQUA Eco Pond Pumps

Fountain Pumps

Pressurised Pond Filters

AllIN ONE Small Pond Filters

Bio Box Filter 4500, 9500, 12,000
Lotus Range:
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Olympus solid handling pumps
3500, 5000, 6500, 8000, 10,000, 13,000, 16,000
Green Genie Filter Box
Green Genie 3000
Green Genie 6000
Green Genie 12,000
Vortex 2 pod system
Vortex 3 pod system
Vortex 4 pod system
Oase Range:
PondOvario Fountain Pumps 1000, 1500, 2500
Swim Skim 40 Skimmer
Bio press set 6000
Bio press set 10,000
Bio Press Pond and Filter Kit 6000, 10,000
Filtral UV Fountain Pump 3000, 6000
Pond One Range:
Stingray solid handling pumps
Yamitsu Range:
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Mega media filter 1500
Mega media filter 2000
Mega media filter 2600
Mega media filter 3500
Vortex 12,000, 16,000
Vortex 20,000, 30,000
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We have many Pond Pumps and Pond Filters currently in stock but please ring for update as we do add to these during the season.

Chiltern Aquatics: Telephone - 01525 875520

Pond Liners :

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Butyl roll widths of 13, 16 and 20'
PVC liner in roll widths of 10/13/16/20 and 26ft cut to your length specifications
Box liners can be ordered
Repair kits for PVC and Butyl liners

Chiltern Aquatics: Telephone - 01525 875520

Miscellaneous :

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Aquatic Hose
Filter sponges
Fish Nets
Hose Clips
Hose Fittings
Junction Boxes
Pest Controls
Pond Cover Nets
Pond Thermometers
Pond Heaters
Power safe kit 20m
Power safe kit 5m
Power safe kit 10m
Power safe kit 15m
Weatherproof Cable Connectors

Pond & Fish Treatments :

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Pond Remedies:
Ammonia Remover
Anti-Algae and Blanketweed Treatments
Banish Algae Pads
Barley Straw
Duckweed Busters
Filter Boosters
Pond Balance
Sludge Busters
Tap Water Chlorine Removers
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Fish Care & Medication:
Ranges stocked:
NT Labs, Tetra, API, Blagdon, Bermuda, Water Life, Clover Leaf, Evolution Aqua
Anti Parasite
Pond Guardian Tonic Salt
Pond Goldfish Treatment
Anti Ulcer
Anti Fungus and Bacteria
Koi Anti Fungus and Bacteria
General Tonic
Pond Anti White Spot
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Chiltern Aquatics Superstore - Coldwater, Pond, Tropical, Marine Fish, Corals, Aquariums, Pet Supplies.

Chiltern Aquatics: Telephone - 01525 875520 & email -

Chiltern Aquatics
Contact Us:
Telephone - 01525 875520
Chiltern Aquatics on Google+
Bridgeside Nursery
Westoning Road

Bedfordshire LU5 6PA
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Coldwater, Pond, Tropical, Marine Fish, Corals, Tanks and Equipment, and Pet Supplies.